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Make Your Own Rhino Rhino Toy

This hand made rhino craft is sure to please any anyone who loves rhinoceri as much as I do.
Makes a great addition to any collection of African animals.
Finished Size: Approximately 24cm high and 36cm long.


50cm x 150cm-wide fabric (we used soft, thin imitation leather)
polyester fibre filling
12mm pair of brown eyes
50cm ribbon for the neck bow or a bandanna.

Stuffed Rhinoceros Toy Pattern

Print this page for pattern and instructions:
Enlarge pattern by placing on a photocopier set at 400 %. Repeat using the copy (photocopy the copy at 400%).


Place on fabric, cut out pieces. Mark lines as shown on pattern on wrong sides of fabric. Stitch pieces, right sides together, unless otherwise stated. A seam allowance of 5mm is included. Fold along dotted dart lines on wrong side of underbody and body pieces. Stitch darts and clip fabric at the centre of each dart. The darts in the underbody are very narrow and appear to form creases in the fabric. Stitch body and neck extension to underbody. Begin stitching underbody to body leaving feet open. Start at front seam of one front foot and stitch to point A (the nose). Repeat for the other side.

Stitch front foot pads to feet starting at the heel. Starting from the front of one rear foot, stitch on underbody up to the back of the corresponding front foot. Repeat for the other side, leaving a 6cm opening for stuffing. Stitch rear foot pads to body.

Place two ear pieces together. Stitch along both sides leaving straight edge open; turn right side out. Repeat for other ear. Stitch tail pieces together in same way; turn right side out and stuff lightly. Tack tail in position marked on body, curving tail in towards body. Clip head to make positions for ears, cutting along lines marked on pattern. Fold edges of each ear along dotted lines to make ears curve and stitch to head with the ears facing forward.

Stitch body pieces together along top seam, starting at nose (point A) and ending below tail. Stitch the body pieces together at rear seams, starting at rear heel and ending below tail. Clip seams and turn to right sides.
Stuff the feet. Sew eyes in place in marked positions. Stuff the horn and head. Fill the body cavity firmly. Stitch the underbody opening closed.

Above each eye, handstitch an eyebrow by pulling fabric together tightly and stitching both thicknesses together to form an eyebrow arch. Tie ribbon in a bow around your rhino's neck or tie on a bandanna.

Paper Rhino Pattern - Canon Creative Pages